The best beach destination in México

Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to Mexico, welcome to the best beach tourist destination in the Mexican Pacific, this place know as Puerto Vallarta and that we called PV our Home.

Puerto Vallarta was settle as a town in December 12 on 1851 by Mr. Guadalupe Sanchez Torres and family and they called Puerto Las Peñas of Santa Maria the Guadalupe in honor of the lady of Guadalupe.

Since 1851 to nowadays, the town has been change and happen a few important events that makes the city grow to be today one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Puerto Vallarta is now recognized as one of the best cities to live in retire, as one of the more secure cities in all México, as the second best gastronomy destination in México and the past 2010 as the more friendly city in the world.

Thanks to its privileged location in the biggest bay in Latin America, the weather, its great and huge mountains, rivers, white sand beaches, friendly local people, the architecture of the town, all its infrastructure and connection with the world Puerto Vallarta is now a modern and cosmopolitan city with first class services, but to get here, Puerto Las Peñas had to work the land of the Banderas Valley, with banana plantain for the decade of the 20's, with the collection and extraction of the coconut oil in the 30's, also like Puerto Vallarta in the decade of the 40's with shark fishing in the open waters of the Mexican Pacific to send the oil to the solders in Vietnam.

When Puerto Vallarta changes its direction to the tourist industry is in the 50's already with its first visitors thanks to the commercial activity, since the 50's and already in the decade of the 60's is for Puerto Vallarta its great leap to the international tourism industry when the filming of La Noche de La Iguana is filmed in the area. Thanks to the coverage and projection that the media give to the movie and the romance between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor is that Puerto Vallarta was known in the world, in the decade of the 70's Puerto Vallarta is already visited by international tourism and its unstoppable growth to what is now, the best beach destination in México.